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Enterprise security and Cyber Security Systems

The working principle of security system is that they secure entry points such as doors and windows, interior spaces that contain valuables such as art, guns, computer and coin collections. The size of a company doesn’t matter as much as long as the security systems are in order. A control panel monitors the security system of a company. The means or method of securing through a system of interworking components and devices is described as the security system. The components of a security system include the following; a high decibel siren, control panel, door and window sensors, wired security cameras, motion sensors and a yard sign. The control panel is the computer that arms and disarms the security systems which is the primary controller.

Sounding of the alarm is resulted when a security breach occurs in which communication from the control panel is sent to each installed component of the security system. A control panel contains a touch pad for the uses of easy programming and interaction whereby pass codes are entered to arm or disarm the system. Fortifying a security system such as enterprise security governance requires some basic tools. Among the various basic tools, a firewall is usually first in the line of defense.

So that unwanted files are kept far away from breaching your network and compromising your assets then firewalls need to be installed. Instituting a firewall is mostly next to the external perimeter of the network which is a standard process.

A second line of defense currently is being used which is the internal firewalls. In order to police the flow of traffic then a secured router should be used. Intrusion defense system, intrusion prevention system functionality and service and traffic functionality tools are examples of secured routers that are better than firewalls. A company strategy that aims at reducing the risk of unauthorized access to information technology and systems data is enterprise security.

In order for enterprise security to work out there are various activities that are made possible. Involvement of some activities like assessment and improvement of an organization’s enterprise risk management, security policies among others make it possible for enterprise security to work. The governance of enterprise security includes determination of how various business units, personnel, staff and executives work together to protect and organization’s digital assets so that no data is lost while at the same time protect the organization’s public reputation.

The organization’s compliance requirements, management policies and culture should be consistent with the enterprise security governance. Risk analysis test, vulnerability and threat tests are conducted in order to sustain and develop the enterprise security governance. A strategy which is the enterprise security governance is put in place so that stealing or damaging of physical assets is prevented. Locks, fencing, fire response systems, lighting, intrusion detection systems, alarms and cameras these are some of the methods used in order to prevent damage or stealing of a company’s physical assets.

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