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All About Virginia Moonshine

Rev George Thorpe is said to have discovered Virginia Moonshine in 1620. This was an English colonist who actually made this drink together with his friends. Un aged whiskey is what makes this whiskey and it has been around since then. In this region, it is beloved and is a true home grown whiskey. See below some facts on Virginia moonshine.

There was a lot of resistance against this whiskey sometime in the 1920s where most distillers were forced to abandon its processing while others yet still decided to go underground and produce it against the law. A t that moment in time, the underground distillers has to play hide and seek games with the law enforcement but the whiskey and the whole idea still thrived even under those circumstances. It did finally become legal after a lot of sweat and tears in the 1980s and the whiskey has now become a beloved drink in Virginia and beyond those borders. Since its rebirth, there is a big growth spurt which has seen both the quality and the prices rise.

Is it safe to take it? Virginia moonshine is a safe fresh corn whiskey. Virginia moonshine is processed, fermented and distilled twice to ensure its safety. Safety regulations are upheld and the processing is now fully authorized by the authorizing bodies in Virginia.

The return of Virginia Moonshine is partly thanks to a friend and business partner of Miller who was the star in a show that was known as Moonshiners. What this show did is that it brought out Virginia moonshine by making stills of the whiskey and showing people how they do it. The ‘shiners’ became very popular and were even celebrities because of this show they did.

Smith learnt how to make the whiskey from his own farther and joined the bandwagon without looking to make this legal. Right now, however, he is doing this legally and has banded up with Miller to sell his own version of the whiskey known as Climax Moonshine which he named after his home. Even though this show made him a celebrity and he could pass as a movie actor, this was not his end goal. The whole idea of the show was to make the drink known to people and remove the bitter taste that they have about it, to show them that it is safe to drink.

The show helped to show that Moonshine can now be trusted because it is not what it was before, dangerous and illegal. This whiskey has now gained popularity because people have begun to trust it. It is amazing that people want to try Moonshine out because of the story behind it and the fact that it was once an illicit drink everyone loves the thrill of trying something that was once dangerous.

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