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Way to Reduce High Rate of Recidivism in America.

It is important not that many prisoners get imprisoned again after being released.There is need to know reducing recidivism rates is not easy.The reason for this is situation is that finding a particular solution to this challenge is difficult.Here are the essential ways, which will help to address the challenge of high rates of recidivism.

First, prisoners should be helped to get employment.By the fact that prisoners do not have the means to meet their needs, they will get back to criminal activities.When a person has a criminal record in the country, it is quite hard for him/her to be offered a job.This compels a person to get back to criminal acts so that to secure his/her livelihood.America as country has imposed rules that keep the prisoner away from getting the jobs available.There is need to know that when Norway is considered, you will realize that prisoners are helped to obtain jobs when released.It is good to that the engagement made possible by the government of Norway makes the prisoner change their lives.Because of the provisions made for prisoners to secure jobs the rate of recidivism in Norway is low.

It is prudent that the habit of abusing substances be reduced prior to releasing them from prison.When the drink and drug dependency is high, the rate of recidivism will also be high.It is vital that to have rehabilitation services on drug abuse so that decrease the level of recidivism.When the rehabilitation services are embraced, the prisoner will come back and lead a life free of criminal activities.It is therefore prudent that rehabilitation programs to be put in place at the prisons to reduce the rate of recidivism.

Providing housing to prisoners will help to reduce the high rate of recidivism in the country.There is need to realize that having housing services is crucial to the prisoners.The effect of prisons not having homes upon release will result in them going to the streets to secure shelter.The homeless prisoners will get themselves committing crime while in the streets.By the fact prison offers shelter the prisons, they will commit crime so that to be locked there.The importance of prison is that the prisoners are given food and shelter, thus they will find it good to avoid cold in the streets.It is important to secure housing services for the prisoners when released so that to adjust to their normal life.In so doing, the case of prisoner getting back to prison will be lowered in the country.

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