How a Clear Focus on Heath Can Help a Child Grow Smarter

Parents can help their child be smarter and grow stronger by having a clear focus on what good health means. In the USA obesity is one of the top 5 health issues and a growing concern among doctors and government agencies. Children are not getting enough exercise because of an obsession with indoor activities like computer and video games, TV, and the Internet.
In Canada, statistics show that an overwhelming majority of children in school do not get the daily recommended 60 minutes of exercise, and one in four children are overweight. What this means is that children can be facing bullying, low self-esteem, and health issues even before they reach the age of 18. All of this does not help them excel in school.
What Parents Can Do
First of all, don’t rely on the school or your child’s doctor to keep him or her healthy. That’s your primary job as a parent. You should take the lead. Here are some ideas you might want to adopt:
1. Don’t make a big deal about vegetables from the time your child starts eating solids. Children tend to pick up on their parents’ fear or trepidation about certain things and react accordingly.
2. If possible get them into the habit of drinking water, not sodas or concentrate/bottled juices.
3. Show interest in your children and introduce them to new ideas and projects. Broaden their minds so that they have greater awareness of the world and their choices in life
4. Get them into sports, music, and other extracurricular activities that will bring them outdoors and away from the computer and TV
These are just a few ideas. You may find many more on the Internet or by talking to your children’s doctor and teachers. As far as the health of growing children, you need to adjust. They will come into contact with their peers who will convince them what’s good for them in their eyes. Expect it to happen and be ready to deal with it. It’s more difficult with teenage girls than young boys because of the perception that girls need to look thin to be popular.
To add to your daughter’s confidence, you might want to do research on natural food products and drinks that may help her drop a few pounds and improve her fitness level. Don’t give up at the first sign of rebelliousness but don’t demand that she follow your lead without question. Talk to her and discuss the issues without too much drama or emotion. Don’t mention the words “fat” or “out of shape,” or even about boys not liking her. There are a number of excellent products and natural supplements on the market these days.
In summary, your child’s health can be controlled whether it is to help them gain or lose weight. You don’t have to resort to extreme measures like a difficult diet. By observing them daily, their movements will already give you a clue as to how much help they need with their weight. If you want a smart child, you will get involved in his or her health and well-being.